Mixmedia textured vibrant modern painting in yellow, red, white & teal colors
Blue monochromatic textured art on unstreched white canvas - Blue city of Jodhpur
Mixmedia textured abstract art in gold, yellow, teal, orange & pink shades.

Original Abstract Art

Soothing and Calming

Various Sizes and Textures

About Abstract Artist - Tanvi Kulshreshtha

I have been creating and selling mixed media abstract paintings as an element of interior design & decor for multiple residential & commercial spaces.

Each one of my paintings is unique & there is no copy or replica of it. My artwork can be a substantial addition to your home, office, or store & will not only help enhance the interiors but also boost the emotional quotient of the viewer. I invite you to go through my collections of modern contemporary artworks.

I wish the mood & energy behind my paintings to resonate with you & touch your soul where we felt alike, where my subconsciousness aligns with yours.

*We send the unframed rolled format of the paintings within a week of your order.

*All the Paintings are hand signed and comes in a well packed parcel through our delivery partners.

Art is one of the most impactful aspects of life. It can help you meet yourself, reflect your thoughts and beliefs or transform the perspective of the users. At Tanvi Art Originals, we bring to you a wide range of artistic creations that are curated with the heart, soul, skills, and impeccable imagination of the topmost Pune artists. If you are an admirer of art and understand it to the core, we welcome you to explore our collection of uniquely crafted art pieces to keep you peace and allure your place. There’s a wide variety of artistic creations to quench your thirst for genuine art.

Variety of artistic creations

Original Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic paintings have a bright side to them because of the colors they are composed of. You may pick some of the most excellently created acrylic paintings with us. Designing your spaces? Find unique, well-varnished and framed acrylic paintings at our store. Whether you are looking for something extremely meaningful or something that adds more colors to your interiors, we probably have everything.

The Best Mixed Media Artworks

Mixed media paintings are reflections of the mind that endeavored to move out-of-the-box. It combines several different art mediums to come up with something meaningful and alluring. We make sure to bring forth the works from the best mixed media artists and their most renowned collections. These creations are way beyond their price, they carry a hint of the artist's soul and that of yours too. When you explore these collections you will get to know the worth and skills of local artists which seemed to be underestimated over the past years.  

Indian Modern Art Paintings

Abstract art is one of those art forms that sets you free and triggers a deep emotional thought process within the viewer. These paintings have a wide scope, allowing different interpretations for different users. We bring you an avid collection of great works by top abstract artists Pune. There’s a lot to choose from. We are always keen on providing the artworks that let you portray your thoughts, beliefs, and perception of life when you put them into your surroundings. You can look for the paintings that resonate with your soul.  

Why Do You Need Original Art Works?

There is a lot to know and say about buying a piece of exceptional artwork. On the off chance that you have been purchasing outlined prints, let us give you some reasons to consider halting by Tanvi Art Originals to seek after a unique composition all things being equal.

1. Purchasing a unique work of art is a direct appreciation and support for their creators. Artists contribute their core creativity into their work, and it tends to be troublesome in some cases to earn enough to get by in a particularly aggressive field. You should feel great realizing that when you buy a uniquely painted canvas at Tanvi art Originals you would feel great about supporting genuine art by the best Pune artists.

2. Original Indian modern art paintings have a sense of personal touch. A print's surface and the textural varieties of an artwork are not the same. Regardless of whether it's painting on material, paper or different mediums, unique compositions have an accessible quality that puts them aside.

3. These paintings are One-of-a-Kind. It is a pleasure to realize your composition is the one to focus on.

4. We offer high quality paintings. This quality carries extravagance and character to a home, instead of picking a production line made print and banner that will merely occupy space.

5. An original painting can "make the room". A work of art makes a brilliant focal area in your room. Regardless of whether you picked strong, realistic or vintage, the work of art you pick will undoubtedly have a striking effect in your space.

6. Unique paintings can cause a house to feel like a home. Regularly when you buy a unique artwork you pick this on the grounds that it conveys your beliefs and intentions. Putting it and seeing it in your space gives you a sense of solace.

7. These invigorate your soul. Taking a gander at a unique work of art can be an endowment of every day motivation. Why not put something aside for an artwork you worship?

8. Whenever you have tracked down a particular sort of artwork or artist that you appreciate you can begin to make your own unique collection at home. We have a seriously impactful collection of local mixed media artists’ works accessible at Tanvi Art Originals just as many pieces that cooperate to make a firm living space.

Original Work At Fair Prices

We often suggest not judging a painting for its price. The price you consider “too much” is a small reward for the artist who gave their everything to accomplish the excellent painting you are about to take away. It would be great to conduct thorough research regarding types of painting and prevailing local prices. Our collections are however based on absolute fair prices which won’t disappoint both the artist and the buyer. Whether you wish to pursue your love for traditional art or take the more modern creations make sure you choose with awareness.  

Find Your Pick With Us

We understand that different people can have different approaches to art. Our diverse collection is based on just this thought. You can always look up to us for ending your search for the perfect art for your spaces. No matter if you are a newbie or a pro at understanding the deeper meanings of art, we are here to guide you at every step. All you need to do is explore our collection, let us know about your preferences and we will present some outstanding works by the best Pune artists.

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