Mixed Media Paintings

Originally Crafted Mixed Media Paintings 

Art is all about moving past limitations and resemblance of something that combines different aspects of the world. Mixed media paintings are considered to be the most liberating forms of art, and we intend on bringing you some of the best among them. With the use of different ephemera, materials, and mediums, these art forms signify breaking boundaries and expanding possibilities on the canvas, bringing together different art forms.

With this visual art form, only the sky's the limit. There's an added dimension to these art forms which you will be able to recognize and understand if you have ever known art in its truest forms. Almost everything around becomes a canvas, and you can bring down your creativity onto it. While this transformative art form is the best to allure your homes, we want you to get the most stunning creations with us. 



History Of Mixed Media Paintings And New Trends

Ceremonial and aesthetic materials have been important parts of daily life throughout history. However, they only became an inclusion in the arts back in 1912, when he made the first modern mixed media collage. It was later made into an even better form by Braque. With time and development, different types of mixed media arts emerged in the industry. These included wet and dry mixed media techniques and installation art.

Mixed media artists around the world have reached a long way from paper and cloth to slices of bologna and zippers. The realm of contemporary art is proof that everything goes in! It takes several different art forms to come up with something that feels wholesome and gives it an entirely different dimension. There's the liberty of expression, and the focus is laid not only on the product but also on the process. With the evolution of technology, various forms of mixed media art forms have made their way into the market.


Types Of Mixed Media Paintings

Among numerous artists and hobbyists, mixed media art has become one of the most preferred and popular art forms with the increased convenience and accessibility of supplies. There are now no limitations on the creativity and tools of the artists. It gives space to weird combinations of mediums and multiple techniques that lead to meaningful art. Here are some of the most famous mixed media art forms.



Collages arguably contribute to some of the most popular mixed media art types. The word collage is derived from "coller," which is a French word meaning gluing together. In fact, it is one of the simplest and easiest types of artwork. Hopefully, all of us have made some collages for school projects. The very first collage was made more than a century ago and made a dramatic reappearance in the 20th century. Various popular artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque turned their collage into distinctively modern art and named it "Papier collé." You can find collages in various interesting forms now.



Assemblage is an art type that is similar to collage yet different enough. It narrates a story with the help of three-dimensional elements. Assemblages are made using both natural and manmade items that include wooden blocks, metal pieces, planks, and cardboard boxes that offer a sturdy base. Often, these artworks include everyday lightweight objects like plastic bottles, wires, buttons, beads, toys, etc. An assemblage can be wall art, painting , or a three-dimensional sculpture.


Wet And Dry Media

Wet and dry media are most commonly used for creating mixed media art. This style is a fusion of drawing and painting. Excellent effects are created by combining different types of paints like charcoal and oil paints. It results in some stunning creations. Oil-based and water-based paints are also combined to come up with great effects. 



Bricolage is a French word for DIY. It involves the use of a diverse range of materials (conventional or unconventional) for creating excellent artworks. All of these elements generally come in hand with the usual arts.


Altered Books

This mixed media art form uses books as its base to transform into a stunning piece of attention-seeking art. The book can be used in different ways, either torn out, painted, or used as a collage or paper sculpture.


Installation Art

Another form of mixed media paintings, installation art, became popular in the 1970s. Installation arts are generally site-specific and may be temporary or permanent. You may find them often in exhibitions and art galleries. They are interactive three-dimensional artworks. It uses everyday items with "evocative" qualities. 



You shouldn't be surprised to see sculptures on the list of mixed media artworks. They may use a different base material than any other art form and entirely varying materials to be added to the mixed media sculptures later on to transform the color, shape, and size of the sculpture.




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